Short Opera


Duration: 20'
Vocal parts: Soprano, Tenor, Baritone. 
Libretto: Vynnie Meli.
Premiere: Atlanta Opera, November 2013.
Production history: Atlanta Opera (2013); Hartford Opera Theater (2014); Opera On Tap (2017); Opera Fayetteville (2018).
Awards: Atlanta Opera 24-hour Competition (2013).



The Lifespan of a Fly was written over one night, in Atlanta's 24-Hour-Opera project, in which a librettist and a composer are paired to produce a new short opera in one night. Over the following day, singers, musicians and a director get 12 hours to study, rehearse, and stage the piece, and then, 24 hours from the moment the creators were paired, the piece is performed. The Lifespan of a Fly was awarded the Judges' First Prize!

Upon pairing, we were given a crown, a fly and a line, all of which must be used in the piece. Based on these three, Vynnie, my brilliant librettist, wrote a story about a fly king who wishes to become human - and what happens when he does. The result is a quirky and hilarious piece, featuring arias, trios, and duets - all in 15 minutes.

Except for the Atlanta Opera premiere, the piece was performed at Hartford Opera Theater (CT, 2015), NanoWorks Opera (OH, 2016), and Opera On Tap (NY, 2017).